Effects of Enanthate

With a quick run through of the profile page, you should already understand the effects of Enanthate fairly well. However, we want to go into a little more detail and more or less give you an idea as to what to expect. Before we go on keep in mind we are only concerned with the positive effects of Enanthate. For information on the negative effects of Enanthate please see the side effects page. In any case, letís take a look at the amazing effects of Enanthate and should you choose to use this steroid youíll know exactly what youíre getting into.

Base Effects of Enanthate:

Testosterone Enanthate is nothing more than testosterone and it is the same as the testosterone your body naturally produces. The only difference is Testosterone Enanthate is a synthetic version but the effects remain the same; your body does not know the difference. As this is the case, the base effects of Enanthate include the following:

∑ Promotes the building of muscle tissue

∑ Preserves muscle tissue under stress, i.e. dieting, strenuous activity, etc.

∑ Promotes strength

∑ Preserves strength under stress, i.e. dieting, strenuous activity, etc.

∑ Helps regulate body fat

∑ Controls libido

  • Controls sexual performance

∑ Aids in the healing of the body, i.e. recovery

∑ Promotes muscular endurance

∑ Plays a massive role on energy levels

∑ Affects our ability to concentrate and focus

∑ Affects our mood, i.e. low levels lead to depression

∑ Affects our drive, i.e. low levels lead to lethargy

The Effects of Enanthate vs. Magic:


Itís often assumed if you use anabolic steroids magic is going to occur and as the old saying goes what is not understood often seems like magic. Even so, while the effects of Enanthate are truly powerful they do not negate the rules of nutrition and they most certainly do not take away from your need to do work. Itís also often said anabolic steroids are the lazy manís way out but thatís too black and white. Yes, through the effects of Enanthate the lazy man will make more progress as he has more of this primary anabolic hormone in his body performing its intended tasks. However, such a man shouldnít expect much and heís actually going against one of the primary rules of performance enhancement. Through the effects of Enanthate we can make some remarkable changes, we can truly progress but there is an important rule to keep in mind. The idea behind anabolic steroid use is to take what youíre already doing right and to simply do it a little better. If you work hard and consume a proper diet, the effects of Enanthate will see this hard work rewarded even more as youíll have more of the primary anabolic hormone to pull from and youíll leave the lazy man in the dust.

The Effects of Enanthate vs. Other Steroids;

The effects of Enanthate will largely be the same as any testosterone compound and many similar traits will be shared with other steroids; however, it canít do everything. Testosterone Enanthate cannot provide as much mass as fast as say Anadrol or Dianabol but it will provide more quality mass in the long run. Further, it cannot harden a physique like Trenbolone, Winstrol, Masteron or even Anavar, but it can preserve lean tissue and help you lose even more fat and more importantly protect your testosterone levels. As for strength increases, it will fall somewhere in the middle; there are far more powerful steroids in this regard and far weaker ones but the strength increases with Enanthate are often easier to hold onto.

All in all, the effects of Enanthate are powerful, theyíre not the most powerful but theyíre some of the most valuable. Further, due to this steroidís extreme versatility and being the primary anabolic steroid it will work in perfect harmony with most other anabolic steroids. This will ensure all your cycles are enhanced to their fullest potential and your performance goals are met with success.